Symptoms of Use of Rohypnol

· Nausea or vomiting

· Mood swings

· Lowering of blood pressure

· Confusion

· Impaired vision

· Unconsciousness

· Dizziness

· Sleepiness

· Headaches

· Feel as if you are drunk

· Inhibitions are lowered

· Feeling relaxed

It can be addicting as well







People should be aware this is not a prescription you should take long-term, the reasons is because it can be quite addicting. With addiction comes the chances of overdose or other problems arising from the use of Rohypnol. They include the following:

· Decreased heart rate or breathing

· Seizures

· Coma

· Memory loss

· Problems with work or school

· Problems with relationships

· Death

Withdrawal from Rohypnol

As with any drug you come off of, this can also have side effects, they are the following:

· Hallucinations

· Insomnia

· Tremors

· Anxiety

· Sweating

· Anger

· Seizures

· Numbness of feelings

Intelligence when using this medicine

Basically it comes down to using the medicine only when needed. You should be intelligent and watch that you only use it short-term and when you are truly having a problem sleeping. If you find that you are taking Rohypnol more often then you should please seek treatment.

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