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Medicine craving is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive, or uncontrollable, drug seeking and use despite harmful effects and changes in the brain, that can be durable. These kinds of changes in the brain can cause the harmful manners noticed in people who use drugs. Drug craving is also a relapsing disease. Urge is the return to drug use after an attempt to stop.


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The way to medicine habit commences with the voluntary act of taking drugs. But over time, a person’s ability to choose not to do so becomes compromised. Trying to find and taking drug becomes compulsive. This really is mostly scheduled to the effects of long-term drug exposure on brain function. Addiction influences elements of the brain engaged in reward and determination, learning and memory, and control over behavior.

Craving is a disease that influences both the brain and behavior.

Can medication craving be treated?

Certainly, but it’s not simple. Because craving is a long-term disease, people can’t simply stop using drugs for a few days and be cured. Most patients need long-term or repeated care to halt using completely and recover their lives.